Transforming your Sales and Marketing efforts using Go HighLevel

Oct 23, 2023 | 1 comment

I know you have probably heard of the Go HighLevel CRM system at least once in your life if you are in the digital marketing or sales space. Why is it that it’s so popular given we have so many CRM options on the market to choose from? When the Go HighLevel CRM was launched in 2018, the world of CRM’s was forever changed. CRM’s have been around for hundreds of years via Pad & Paper and nearly forty years in the digital world. The first recorded use was in the 1980s by Robert and Kate Kenstnbaum. Since then the market has been flooded with hundreds of different CRM’s. According to IBISWORLD.COM, roughly 1,787 CRM businesses exist in 2023. CRM’s consist of three different types of systems; collaborative, analytical, and operational. That is where Go HighLevel changed the market forever. They did this by combining these 3 types of systems into one, creating a state-of-the-art CRM. Let’s go over why your business needs Go HighLevel.

The Go HighLevel CRM Features

Appointment setting & Sales

The Go HighLevel CRM’s main purpose is to build a sales operation that is sustainable and provides your company with the revenue it deserves. Go HighLevel is perfect for keeping track of leads, organizing leads, following up with leads, and taking them from the start to the finish of your sales process. When it comes to appointment setting, it is all about efficiency and that’s exactly what Go HighLevel provides. It starts with creating a list, importing the call list you built, and setting up your LC Phone. As soon as a phone number is attached to your account, a list is built, and leads are imported you are ready to start dialing. Simply pull up your list, click on your first contact, and start smiling and dialing. 

Bookings & scheduling

With Go HighLevel’s calendar function, you will never have to worry about another scheduling software being added to your software stack again. Simply build calendars for each user, all of which will come with scheduling links to send to their customers for bookings. You can also create a calendar and embed it on your website by simply selecting options, copying the embed code, and pasting the code onto a page of your website. Easily integrate your calendar with your Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar.


Using the Go HighLevel CRM you can build almost any automation you can think of. For example, maybe you want to be notified every time a lead comes in off of Facebook, or maybe you want to send a set of documents to a client after a successful payment is received. We even set up a whole qualification process consisting of emails and SMS before our meetings to pre-qualify our buyers. Those are just three examples of the hundreds of automations you can build using Go HighLevel. If the automation you’re looking for is not in Go HighLevel, you can simply connect Go HighLevel with for an endless amount of automation options. 

Social media management 

The Go HighLevel CRM comes with a fully functional social media scheduling software that will once again remove software from your tech stack. Connect all your social media platforms in the marketing tab and schedule your content as far out as you would like. This is just one of our favorites here at Koda Web Agency. 

Email/SMS list building and Marketing

That’s right, you guessed it, another function that will replace software in your tech stack. Capture emails and phone numbers via forms so you can send out marketing blasts or weekly/daily newsletters. Schedule and build email/SMS responses and automation to bring your buyers through a pipeline that gets them on scheduled calls or to buy your product or service. Just like your calendar, embed this into a section on your website. 

Website development 

You no longer have to buy expensive website builders and software. You can just go ahead and throw that out of the Tech stack like everything else we listed. Build fully functional websites with forms, booking links, testimonies, service outlines, and so much more. If you need help building a Go HighLevel Website book with our team here 

Funnel building 

Like all the other expensive software we listed you no longer have to buy something like ClickFunnels and spend hundreds of dollars a month for just a stand-alone software. Build state-of-the-art fully functioning, multi-step funnels right inside Go HighLevel. Either build it yourself or pick from one of the beautiful templates Go HighLevel provides. If you have any trouble, go ahead and book a call with our team for assistance with creating your funnel.

Marketing & Web Analytics

Doesn’t the old fashion way suck when you have one software for everything you need in your business? With the Go HighLevel CRM that is no longer the case. Keep an eye on Facebook & Google Ad data, call data, booking data, Website traffic, and much more. Just go to your report tab or dashboard.


Yep, you can kiss an expensive payment processor Goodbye. Invoicing on Go HighLevel is as simple as connecting your free Stripe account to HighLevel, going to payment tabs clicking new invoice, and sending it directly to one of your customers’ emails.

Project management 

I know this last one isn’t exactly a function, but the Go HighLevel CRM doesn’t have to be used just for sales. Keep a list of current clients or projects and stay in touch with those clients along the entire client or project journey. Here at Koda Web Agency, we keep a list of all clients, former clients, and current projects. 

Who should use The Go HighLevel CRM?

The Go HighLevel CRM is built for Sales teams of all sizes as well as solo Entrepreneurs. Whether you’re a one-man team or a twenty-man team Go HighLevel will transform your sales process forever. Go HighLevel is easy to use and manage for everyone. If you’re not using Go HighLevel yet you should try out a 14-day free trial, That’s what we did in 2020 and we have been customers ever since. We simply replaced over 12 softwares just by switching to Go HighLevel. 

When should you use The Go HighLevel CRM?

If you’re managing more than a few clients or your job consists of daily sales and marketing work such as dialing to set meetings, taking meetings, booking appointments, running digital marketing campaigns, or project managing the Go HighLevel CRM is built for you. Some industries that we use Go HighLevel for most are 

  •  Real Estate
  •  Healthcare
  •  Fitness and Wellness
  •  Consulting Services
  •  Financial Services
  •  Education and Training
  •  Legal Services
  •  Home Services
  •  Software Companies
  •  Our Own Agencies

Let us know your thoughts on Go HighLevel and some of the cool things you use it for below in the comments.

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